Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions, the Publisher is 3 Blue Worldwide Ltd trading as Essex Central Magazine.

The Advertiser means the person or entity booking space whether a client or an agency.


1) All quoted rates are exclusive of VAT.

2) Rates as quoted are exclusive of any artwork production. If you require us to make an advert for you then we will charge £20 for making an advert from scratch or £10 for any amendments to artwork you already have.

3) If you require us to produce an advert for you, we will require a minimum of 5 working days prior to print deadline. Please supply hi-res logos and images at 300dpi suitable for print.


1) Agents are held liable for any fees for advertising booked on behalf of clients.

2) Cancellations cannot be accepted from Advertisers after the 15th of the month when booked to advertise in the following month’s edition.

3) Specific positioning requests can only be considered at the approval of the publisher.

4) If booking for multiple issues then you are tied in for the agreed time period and no cancellations can be accepted.

5) It is the Advertisers responsibility to inform the publisher if the booking details are incorrect in any way within 7 days of booking.

6)Sign-off of the proof is deemed confirmation by the Advertiser that the advertisement details are correct.

7) If we have sent you a PDF proof we will make every reasonable attempt to contact you for sign off. If we do not hear from you we will assume that the artwork is approved. It is the
responsibility of the advertiser to be contactable and in communication with 3 Blue Worldwide Ltd prior to print in order to confirm and approve advertising material proof.

8) If you have booked multiple issues and we do not hear from you after attempting contact we shall assume you wish to use the most recent advert we have from you.


The publisher does not accept any responsibility for artwork. All artwork supplied is held at the owner’s risk.


1) Payment is due on all invoices raised by the Publisher within 14 days or the publisher reserves the right to charge interest at 6% over the bank base rate.

2) Reasonable care will be made to execute the advertisement in accordance with the booking order. No compensation will be paid for any errors that do not materially detract from the Advert. 

3) The publisher reserves the right to delay or cancel publication. 

4) Compensation for any consequential losses will not be entertained. 



1) The Advertiser is a principle in law and warrants that all submitted copy:

       a) Complies in all respects with the British Code of Advertising Practice.

       b) Does not breach any copyright, warranty or other right of person or property and shall indemnify the Publisher against any proceedings.

       c) Any financial advertisements must comply with the Financial Services Act 1986.

       d) The Advertiser must comply with any relevant Act of Parliament, or European Community Law.

2) The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement without explanation.

3) The Advertiser agrees to indemnify the Publisher in respect of any losses, damages or costs suffered as a result either directly or indirectly arising from any copy submitted by the Advertiser.

4) The advertiser fully understands upon entering into a partnership that they are paying for 'advertising space' within the publication and/or publications. We do not guarantee results and response from the public. We are only responsible for the advertising space agreed upon and this is what is being purchased by the client. In the unlikely event that you receive no response from your advert there will be no compensation given and the full invoice for the 'advertising space' will still be due.