In April’s edition of ECM I partook in a Q&A, which aimed to introduce readers to my new local business Functional Roots, the relatively new role of ‘Movement Specialist’, and how one can help maximise all manner of health, fitness and movement related goals.

In this particular issue I would like to elaborate further on the uniqueness and effectiveness of Functional Roots and how it can help you. Firstly, I would like to discuss how it can benefit those looking to improve body shape; be it weight loss, muscle tone, or to build lean muscle tissue.

Movement Specialists understand how bones move, joints sense and muscles react. Therefore, when combined with Personal Training it accelerates the fun and the effectiveness of training tenfold. Say goodbye to isolated movements, restricted weights machinery, and monotonous training regimes, all whilst remaining injury free!

I want to teach you how the body really moves, and how unlocking its true power will guarantee exceptional results. Where injury prevention and rehabilitation is concerned, when dealing with the complexities of human movement, the variables are endless. This is why many past and
present rehab treatments, therapies and techniques merely mask an issue as opposed to targeting the root cause. It’s why sports people (recreational, amateur or elite) are still suffering reoccurring injury time after time.

It’s why many of you who want to improve fitness and body shape can’t, simply due to ongoing pain, niggling injuries or the result of an operation.

I believe I have a solution; and it’s called ‘CHANGE’; we need to start changing the way we view, treat and train our bodies. We need to reconnect to it once more and treat the body as a ‘whole’ instead of independent parts.

It’s about ‘specificity’, creating authentic exercises based on a given individual’s requirements and not just a ‘one size fits all approach’. This is where sport can greatly benefit from the Functional Roots process, as ANY movement pattern can be broken down, and used to enhance performance.

Your body is the house you grew up in, so look after it! Movement truly is the key to unlocking your long term health and happiness. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy movement as you once did, effortless and pain free? Whilst looking and feeling your very best? If the answer is yes then maybe it’s time to take charge and make that crucial change.