Myth: Sit ups and crunches will get you Abs.

Truth: In part, but it is more effective to do core exercise like the plank and exercises that require the core to work harder, targeting a larger number of abdominal muscles!

Myth: Cardio is the only way to burn fat

Truth: Heat burns calories not exercise. Doing weights will keep the muscles burning longer way after your workout is finished, look at it like the more muscle fibres worked, the more calories burned.

Myth: You MUST stretch before working out

Truth:  While it won’t hurt, studies show that your neuro-muscular system can be benefitted more by doing a good warm up instead, improving blood flow, lubricating the body preventing injury. So leave the static stretching for the end of your workout.

Myth: Women who lift weights will bulk up

Truth: Women who use weights will generally tone up quicker and burn body fat faster than those who don't. Using weights can be used to bulk up if that's the goal, but will take a lot of heavy weight, a long time and the correct diet to do so. In conclusion, weights for women is a must in my opinion!

Myth: Drinking lots of water is a necessity

Truth: Drink only enough water for clear urine. If you’re not thirsty, don't force it. We also get a lot of water from our food which people are unaware of! Although water has many benefits, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing too! 

Myth: Starting exercising when your older can be harmful or dangerous.

Truth: Light exercise has many benefits for all ages. As with anything, start gradually then work to challenge yourself when you’re ready. Exercise has proven benefits for muscles, bones and the cardio vascular system, so get a good tailor made program from your trainer and enjoy it!

Myth: You have to train for long periods to burn body fat

Truth: Your body will use fat as energy as soon as you start training, yes it will burn better the longer you go for but it also will require a steady pace. If you can’t do the recommended 30 minutes a day for adults, then a shorter more intense workout is better than none at all!

Myth: You only get an efficient workout from a gym

Truth:  I train some people only using their body weight and they will tell you it can be just as hard. Just change up the things you do, add bands, and or a chair for equipment, but overall adding tempo's and multi-directional movements can change your workout dramatically!

Myth: No pain; no gain

Truth: You need to know the difference between Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which can be described as a dull ache or tightness, and a sharp shooting pain. Avoid all pain that feels like it shouldn't be there. Sharp shooting pain is usually bad, rest, move to a different exercise or stop full stop.

Myth: "I want to burn body fat in one area" so I can train only that part to do so

Truth: Unfortunately you can’t spot place reduce any specific area. In order to reduce body fat in one area, it has to be lost all over! So there is no quick fix, it really is calories in vs. calories out otherwise known as Thermo-dynamics. In plain simple terms, if you eat more calories than you expel then you will put on weight.

Myth: You need to train every day to see results

Truth: Training every day will eventually burn you out, lower your immune system and could make you catabolic (you will lose muscle instead of build it). Also tiredness can lead to fatigue resulting in poor form, possible injury and then lack of motivation due to lack of energy. It is better to do fewer quality workouts and get better results than doing lots of mediocre ones.

Myth: Skipping meals will help to lose weight

Truth: Skipping meals can actually make you put on weight! Make sure you have breakfast, which will set you up for the day. It is better to eat smaller meals more often, which will keep your metabolism fired up, give you energy, and keep you feeling fuller, avoiding the snacks or pick me ups during the day!