We’ve long been fans of Thai food and jumped at the chance to visit the Brentwood branch of Giggling Squid to try out their latest dishes.

The service is always superb here and our Thai waitress was lovely, giving us great insight into the food as well as a cheery smile throughout the meal.

First up, we couldn’t quite narrow our decisions down to just a single starter each, so we opted for the triple dish combo, choosing the following mouth-watering delights: Chai Nat Pomelo & Roasted Duck which was a delicious blend of roast duck, with chilli jam and sweet pomelo to give a citrus kick to the dish. The pomelo was like a little zing than went off in the mouth each time you found a piece.

Starter number two was a classic, and a personal favourite: Salt & Pepper Squid, with a touch of salt and pepper in the light, crispy coating, accompanied with a delicious dipping sauce. The batter was delicate, the squid cooked to perfection, and the sauce was a match made in heaven.

Our final starter was the exotic Lemon & Lime Tuna Petals which consisted of fine slices of raw tuna with lemongrass, lime and shallots cured in a light ‘nam pla’ dressing. Again, this was lovely and the sauce gave a little zingy kick to the mouth watering slices


After such brilliant starters we were eagerly awaiting our mains and were not disappointed. My dining companion opted for the Royal Fishing Boat Curry. A luxury of fresh mussels, prawns, squid and a whole salmon steak! Head Chef Tuan from Tunbridge Wells has created a real treat for all seafood lovers. The fish was cooked perfectly, each segment of the salmon falling away with the gentlest push of the fork, whilst the rest of the seafood packed huge flavours and the presentation was exquisite.

For my own main dish I went for the ‘Chicken Tropical Jungle Curry’ (keang pa). Refreshing, spicy and without the coconut milk usually found in Thai curries. Packed with incredibly fragrant Thai herbs, and served in an authentic pan to add to the feel of theatre and occasion that Giggling Squid do so well. In fact, special notice must be given to the entire decor of the restaurant itself, as its not only the food that has such incredible authenticity, but the tables, chairs, walls, drinks, everything about the restaurant is designed to fully submerge you into a Thailand escape for the few hours you are there, it’s truly fantastic.

We also shared a side of Prawn Pad Thai, with a delicate lattice layered across the top, adorned with additional garnish and spices for extra flavour. After eventually managing to consume all the food (assisted by a lovely red wine) we mustered up the courage to attempt a final dish.

In all honesty, when we read the dessert menu it was hard to resist, and so we picked the ‘Sweet Heavens Above Trio’ to share between us. It had Salted Caramel Soufflé, Mini Melting Heart Chocolate Dessert and Pineapple & Coconut Finger. Perfect for sharing.

We cannot recommend Giggling Squid highly enough, especially when you compare the incredible flavours of their dishes and judge them on price against the old familiar high street chains. They could be charging double, at least, for this level of cooking, but instead, lucky guests are getting an absolute bargain.