Each month we don’t just rely on the core team but we have a network of trusted partners and regular contributors who make every edition of Essex Central the best it can be. We’d like to thank the following people:

Abbotts Travel: Julian and Danny have been with us from the very beginning, giving our readers incredible travel destinations from around the world. See them at their South Woodford branch.

Victoria Robertson: Each month our gardening guru provides our readers with tips and expertise on what to look out for and how to get the best from their back yard. Victoria is currently managing the gardens of the Essex landmark Copped Hall.

Amanda Anastasiou: Glamourous Amanda provides the beauty tips for our lucky readers. From advice on hair and beauty, to her years of expertise on nails, Amanda is a great partner and can also give advice in person at her Chingford Salon.

And we’d also like to thank the following contributors who have worked with us since we began…

Toby Webster – Wine Specialist -, Michael Mehmet – Hair Stylist -, Danny Roche and David Gaerty – Window Shutters -, David Pratt – Roofing Specialist -, Wayne Flegg – Montagues Estate Agents -,, Wayne Nelson – Blinds Specialist -, Eda Iannone – Body Beauty Specialist, Danny Cohen – personal training -, Bobbi Chana and Joanne Emmanuel – Blossoms Nursery -, Gavin Maguire – Head Chef/Owner, Dean Walton -, Susan Jordan – Radiator and Bathroom Specialists, Glenn and Jake – Tattoo Artists -, Mark and Polly -,, Jim Healy – Bathroom specialist -,, Gulwant Chahil – Beauty Expert -, Julian Harris -, Daniel Aldorino – plumbing expert -, Keeley Sullivan – Hair stylist, Mick Radley – Handmade Furniture Specialist -, Moona Malik – Dentistry